Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rediscover Your Public Library

How much are you spending each month on books that you only read the one time? How much goes into video rentals? Especially if you're on a program such as NetFlix that charges you every month whether you watch anything or not, those fees can add up fast.

How can you stem this outflow of money without having to do without books or videos altogether? Your local public library may be able to help. Most libraries not only have a broad selection of books, but also boast sizable collections of videotapes and DVD's on both educational and entertainment subjects.

And if you're having bad memories of getting dinged with overdue book fines because you lost track of a book, worry not. Today most libraries have online catalogs and circulation systems that allow you to log into your library account from any Internet terminal and check what items will be due when. Many can even send automatic reminders to your e-mail address when books are close to coming due.

So be sure to check out your public library, and discover the savings.

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