Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ding Discount

Did you know you can get significant discounts on a wide variety of household goods simply by willing to accept one that has a relatively small cosmetic defect? A small scratch in a hidden place may well be worth 25%, 50% or even more off the regular list price.

For instance, I was able to get a set of shelves which would normally cost over fifty bucks for ten, simply because a forklift had torn the box and scratched one of the panels. I was able to assemble it so that panel would be against a wall, keeping the scrape discretely out of sight.

I've also gotten cans of fruits and vegetables at a fraction of their normal price simply because the edges have become dented and are thus less attractive. Of course you will want to use any dented cans right away, and be careful that they are not bulging or leaking -- either of which can be signs of spoilage rather than mere cosmetic damage.

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