Monday, April 13, 2009

An Eagle Eye Saves Money

When you go to the store, do you regularly watch to make sure that specials actually ring up at the advertised price? If you don't, you may be losing money.

This weekend I saw a bargain on salmon listed in one of our local grocery store fliers. However, when I actually bought the item in question, it rang up as $3.99 per package, rather than per pound as listed in the flier. If I hadn't been watching and complained, I would've ended up paying four times what I had planned.

Sometimes these discrepancies are honest misprints and miscommunications (for instance, the people in the meat department may not have been told correctly what item the ad refers to), but it is not unknown for less scrupulous stores to deliberately misprogram the computer for one or more items' prices, thus being able to bring in some extra money. So keep a close eye on those prices, and don't be afraid to hand something back if it rings up higher than it was marked. Merely having put something in your cart and brought it to the checkout counter does not obligate you to complete the purchase.

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